We have divided our commitment as a company into 5 basic pillar on which we develop our entire business policy.

Human potential is the main reason that drives our work. We have professionals who are committed to our work.

In the same way, we are committed to offering them a high quality of life and well-being at work. We adapt to their needs through an active listening plan.

For us innovation is much more than an investment item. We believe that development and research are the keys to quality and productivity.

Our specialised field technicians are up to date with the latest developments, always looking for all possible implementations.

It is the environment in which we carry out our activity. That is why we are committed to giving back everything it provides us with during the year.

Our certificates guarantee some of the measures we take to reduce our environmental impact to a minimum. Energy saving and care in our practices are the basis of our environmental policy.

We have a product quality control system. It is mainly based on the prevention of dangers and risks, thus guaranteeing the safety of our products.

We comply with the most demanding quality and food safety protocols in order to offer quality, safe products that satisfy our customers´ specifications and respect the environment.

Flavour is a commitment to the consumer and to our company. We want it to be our hallmark, and we want our products to be know for their quality and flavour.

That is why we pay a lot of attention to the entire production process, guaranteeing optimum harvesting times, harvesting at the right time and a conscientious selection of the best varieties.