Halloween Deilor 2023

Deilor’s II Halloween with #LoveButternut

Deilor is once again taking its pumpkins to schools in the Region of Murcia on Halloween to promote the consumption of vegetables among children. Once again […]

Deilor celebrates Halloween by bringing butternut to schools in the Murcia region

Love Klabaza, an association in which Deilor is a participating partner, has once again started its pumpkin promotion campaign for Halloween. The aim was not only […]

Deilor and Fruit Attraction, our second edition in Madrid

Fruit Attraction returned to Madrid for one of its most eagerly awaited editions. After the still limited edition of 2021, a large number of business people, […]

Deilor implements its most sustainable measure

Deilor has been developing its commitment plan for years, among which respect for the environment and the fight for sustainability stand out. Recently, and representing the […]

Watermelon, the star product of the summer

Watermelon is one of the star fruits of the summer, especially when the heat gets hotter and the body needs more fluids, as it is the […]

Cauliflower, a culinary vegetable

Cauliflower consists of a mass of tiny, tightly packed flower heads. These flowers sprout from a thick central stalk to form a single round head. In […]