We start the summer season

One more year the heat arrives and that means that our fields start to fill up with watermelons and melons. As always, at Deilor we strive […]

What is the right way to keep broccoli?

What is the right way to keep broccoli? As mentioned above, broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable rich in nutrients and flavor, being highly appreciated for its […]

Burgundy, the fastest variety

The “Burgundy” is a unique variant of broccoli that is characterized by its distinctive dark purple color instead of the traditional green. Thanks to the special […]

We add a new product to our catalog: Rabanitos

Today we are excited to talk about the introduction of our new product, radishes, a versatile option that adds even more color to the varied Deilor […]

One more year comes Christmas to Deilor

The arrival of Christmas is a very special moment, and in Deilor we know very well. Another year last Friday, December 22, we celebrated a unique […]

Fruit Attraction 2023: Color is born in Deilor

Like every year, Deilor has once again participated in the most important fair in the agricultural sector: Fruit Attraction. This is an event that brings together […]

Agriculture day: working to feed the world

Agriculture is one of the most fundamental and essential activities for humanity. From ancient times to the modern era, agriculture has been the pillar that sustains […]

Melon benefits

Melon is one of the star products of summer, a delicious and refreshing fruit that offers several health benefits: 1. Hydration: Cantaloupe is mostly made up […]

Cooperativism Day in Deilor

On June 30 we celebrated a very special day in Deilor on the occasion of the International Day of Cooperatives. During the event we had the […]