Deilor celebrates Halloween by bringing butternut to schools in the Murcia region

Love Klabaza, an association in which Deilor is a participating partner, has once again started its pumpkin promotion campaign for Halloween. The aim was not only […]

Deilor implements its most sustainable measure

Deilor has been developing its commitment plan for years, among which respect for the environment and the fight for sustainability stand out. Recently, and representing the […]

Watermelon, the star product of the summer

Watermelon is one of the star fruits of the summer, especially when the heat gets hotter and the body needs more fluids, as it is the […]

Deilor at Fruit Attraction 2021

Fruit Attraction 2021 has been the event chosen to present our products and our new identity. From 5 to 7 October, one of the most important […]

Deilor celebrates its 25th anniversary at Fruit Attraction 2021

Deilor brings all its partners together at Fruit Attraction 2021 and pays tribute to all its members. A few years ago we celebrated 25 years in […]

We renew our certificate On the way to PlanetProof

Congratulations! Today we have received the renewal of our On the way to PlanetProof certificate. Thanks to the work of the entire Deilor team, today we […]

We are in the news

If you are reading this article, we have already launched our new website. It is part of our new commercial and communication strategy. The new strategy […]

Inauguration of the extension of our building

After many months of work, we are happy to be able to give you this news, we inaugurate the extension of our facilities! The current situation […]

Refreshing and healthy!

The hot season does not come alone, and anyone’s mouth waters when they see an ice cream in 40 degrees in the shade. There are many […]